Are You Using Dangerous Cosmetics?

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Most women put on their make up without a second thought as part of their daily routines. Many would be shocked to know what is actually in some of the most popular cosmetics now found within the marketplace. There is now extensive quantified, as well as anecdotal, research which has identified harmful effects associated with ingredients found in all categories of cosmetics.

There are many natural organic cosmetics that have come onto the market in recent years and these are a great way of doing no harm to your skin. However, finding natural skin care products is difficult, especially considering the amount of money that the major cosmetic brands put into marketing! Don’t worry though, there is a risk free guide that only uses natural products and can save you a fortune on those upmarket, over-ratred brands. Check out the information here on low cost natural skin care.

Let’s start here by looking at the common cosmetics that women use everyday and the potential dangers that they may cause.

Lipstick is a standard component of almost every woman’s make-up routine. Most women select their lipstick brand oblivious to the fact that many lipsticks are among the most toxic cosmetics in existence. Within many lipsticks are indelible dyes, perfume oils and other coloring agents. Some ingredients used by popular brands have been tied to adverse effects ranging from chapped lips to cancer. Most disconcerting is that some of these substances can trigger complications and possible birth defects when used by expecting mothers. Of all the cosmetics you use, it is most important to scrutinize what goes into your lipstick.

Foundations are another area of concern. Many foundations which come in liquid form contain mineral oil which is actually classified as a petrochemical pollutant by the US Government. Many experts believe that when used with such frequency in such close proximity to the skin it can prove to be a carcinogenic agent. Other foundations trigger additional undesired effects which include preventing the skin from breathing naturally and detoxifying. Choosing the wrong foundation can lead to premature skin aging, hormonal imbalances and potentially far more serious conditions and diseases.

Many women use anti-wrinkle cream in an attempt to turn back the clock on aging. Unfortunately, many of these alleged anti-wrinkle “miracle” products are ineffective, if not dangerous. The elastin and collagen found in most anti-wrinkle creams has been proven not to have any lasting impact upon wrinkles, and many women are horrified to learn which animal by-products go into producing them. Even worse, lanolin is found in many anti-wrinkle creams, and laboratory testing has shown that it contains dioxins and pesticides. Obviously, most women upon learning this decide that it is probably best not to rub pesticides on one’s face.

Nail polish is another commonly used cosmetic which can present for hidden dangers. Many popular nail polishes contain toluene, phenol and xylene. Continued exposure to these chemicals has been shown to result in fatigue, headaches and nausea. There is also research which indicates that these chemicals are possibly carcinogenic. Nail polish also contains formaldehyde which has been shown to cause discoloration of nails as well as subcutaneous bleeding under the nail itself. Additionally, most women use acetone when removing nail polish. Acetone can cause rashes, and it can also lead to adverse respiratory effects when inhaled.

Health conscious women have shunned these harmful ingredients in favor of naturally crafted cosmetics. It is not necessary to sacrifice quality or look when it comes to finding cosmetics without these hidden dangers. Many quality brands, like Elf Cosmetics, ensure that their products allow you to look your best without subjecting your skin to harsh chemicals. Do yourself a favor and check out the ingredient list on the cosmetics you use. You might be shocked at what you see.

If you would like to find out more information about organic skin care products then we suggest this no-risk guide. It can help you save money on these highly marketed brands and you also know exactly what you are using!

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