Tips for Controlling Heart Failure

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  • Make a schedule exactly as your doctor has prescribed. Then take your medicine according to the schedule and then write it down each time you take your medicine. The schedule should include the name of the medicine, how much you should take (dose) and when you should take it. Take this record with you each time you see your doctor.
  • Don’t take any medicine, including over-the-counter medicine, unless your doctor tells you to or says it is ok.  Even over the-counter medicine can cause problems with your heart medicine.
  • What you eat and drink is very important for managing .  Your doctor may ask you to:
  • Eat less than 2,000 mg of sodium per day
  • Limit alcohol to 1-2 servings per week (1 serving = 1½ oz of 80 proof liquor or 5 oz of wine or 12 oz of beer)
  • Limit caffeinated beverage to one per day
  • Limit fluids to 8 cups per day (64 oz)
  • Avoid intense exercise.  Don’t do too much at one time. Rest or stop if you have symptoms.
  • Avoid lifting anything over 20 pounds.
  • Avoid very hot and very cold temperatures, like working out side in the hot sun or being out in the cold too long.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Weigh yourself everyday at the same time and wearing the same clothing.  If you gain 3-4 pounds in 1-2 days call your doctor.  This usually means your body is holding fluid and can cause your heart to work harder.
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