Getting the Most Out of Your Child's Visit with the Doctor

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Your doctor is a very important part of your child’s treatment. In fact, your doctor will plan with you the treatment that your child will need daily, during asthma attacks, and if an attack is severe. Your role in this planning is to give your doctor as much information as possible so that he can decide what the best treatment plan is for your child’s case.

Make sure to bring the peak flow meter chart with you and show it to your child’s doctor. Tell him about any severe attacks, and your child’s current medicine schedule. Also, let him know if your child has any allergies that may aggravate the asthma. The doctor may recommend allergy testing for your child.

When your doctor gives you a treatment plan for your child, be sure to follow it exactly. In case you may need to make notes during the visit, bring a pad and pencil with you.

Most important, never miss a visit to the doctor. Your child’s health depends on it!

If your child has any of the following symptoms, call your doctor right away:

  • Your child keeps coughing during breathing
  • Your child is still wheezing after using his inhaler
  • Your child is coughing up a lot of mucus, or mucus that is greenish in color or bloody
  • Your child is having trouble seeing or thinking clearly
  • Your child is feeling overly weak
  • Your child is not able to exercise moderately all of a sudden
  • Your child has a fast heartbeat or a fever
  • Your child’s chest hurts or feels very tight
  • Your child’s peak flow meter readings are in the red zone
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