Tips for Healthy Eating Out

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On average, families eat one 1 of every 4 meals away from home. This is having a big impact on the number of calories we eat each day and the size of the our waistline. If you eat out more than 2 times a week, use these tips:

  • Plan ahead by balancing a higher-calorie fast food meal with lower calorie meals.
    the rest of the day. Make time for extra physical activity and burn off the extra calories.
  • Choose the “healthy options” at the restaurant. You may be surprised and happier than you think.
  • Don’t fill up on breads, rolls, crackers, and chips. Ask your server to bring them when your meal is served, or skip them.
  • Choose an appetizer as your main dish and add a salad, soup, or vegetable side dish.
  • Ask for a special meal by making reasonable requests. For example, ask for sauces/dressings on the side so you can control how much you eat.
  • Split a meal with someone. Most restaurant portions are large enough to satisfy 2 people.
  • Ask for a take-out box and save part of your meal for your next meal.
  • If you like something sweet at the end of your meal, share a dessert with someone.
  • Order only what you really want. Avoid overeating.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy your meal. You’re likely to eat less if you take your time.

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