Can I predict an Asthma Attack?

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Your peak flow meter is your best tool in predicting when your child might have an attack. Another way to watch for an attacks is to learn to recognize the early warning signs. These include:

  • Your child is complaining of a headache
  • Your child’s eyes are watering, or his head is stuffy
  • Your child tells you her heart is beating really fast
  • You notice your child coughing or sneezing
  • Your child complains of an itchy or scratchy throat
  • Your child is short of breath and tells you his chest feels tight
  • Your child seems tired, angry, sad, or depressed

Each child is different, and yours is unique as well. If you notice other early warning signs that seem to always or often happen before your child has an asthma attack, note them and watch for them. When these signs show up, it is time to act and prevent that attack before it happens. Have your child use her peak flow meter, and be ready with rescue medicines.

Another way to predict your child’s attacks is to write down when they happen, and the situation your child was in when he had the attack. Similar situations, locations, or events may trigger your child’s asthma, and by recording her attacks, you can know which places and situations to keep your child away from.

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