Nicotine Replacement Therapy

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Many people trying to quit smoking are interested in nicotine replacement therapy to help reduce their withdrawal symptoms. replacement is currently available both as nicotine chewing gum and transdermal (through the skin) nicotine patches.

The idea behind nicotine replacement therapy is that these products supply the nicotine at a high enough level to decrease withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, but lower than peak levels of smoking cigarettes. Both the patch and gum are designed to help you overcome your physical dependency on nicotine when you quit smoking.

Equally as important in quitting is learning how to change your smoking behavior. While nicotine is being provided by these medications, it is important to learn how to be a nonsmoker. To be most effective, nicotine replacement products should be used along with a stop smoking program. We strongly recommend that you immediately begin a stop smoking program. Research has shown that your chances of quitting successfully are greatly increased if you actively participate in some type of education program while using nicotine replacement therapy.

Talk with your physician about these medications to determine if nicotine replacement is for you.

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