Breastfeeding at Work

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Here are some simple tips to help you manage your work efficiently while making sure your baby is taken care of.


Buy or rent a good breast pump. There are many on the market, so choose the one that best suits your needs. Some things to consider are:

  • portability
  • ease of cleaning
  • a pump with intermittent pressure (as it is not as likely to injure your breast)

When testing a pump, practice with both hands so you know it???s easy to use. Have plenty of nursing pads and breast shields, as they help make you feel more confident. Bring disposable wipes and paper toweling for easier clean-up and tape or labels to mark the milk containers. If you don???t have a refrigerator, bring a small cooler with a plastic refreezable ice pack.

When to Breast Feed or Pump

Use your time at work as efficiently as you can and try to structure your schedule so you don???t have to rush.

  • Breast feed before you leave home.
  • Express you milk on a morning break if possible.
  • Reserve lunch for yourself, unless the morning expression was incomplete.
  • Express on an afternoon break.
  • Feed your baby right when you get home, and as often as he or she needs to at night (in fact, if you encourage night feedings, the baby will need less milk the next day).
  • If you miss a feeding, just provide formula for your caregiver.
  • See if you can go home to breast-feed during the day, or have your caregiver bring the baby to you.

What to Wear

  • Make your wardrobe work for you.
  • Wear shirts or blouses which button in the front, pull up easily, or have concealed zippers.
  • Wear a nursing bra to work – it???s easier to undo one side rather than take the whole thing off.
  • Avoid solid colors and whites – bright patterned blouses or dark colors mask leaking and hide breast pads.
  • Wear washables. They are easier to clean if your breasts do leak.
  • Keep a spare shirt or blouse at work for backup in case of an accident.

Remember to be open and talk with your co-workers about your breast-feeding. Try to gain their support and interest.

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