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This information is about headaches. It covers what headaches are, why headaches happen, and what headaches can mean.

Everyone knows that a headache is a painful feeling at one or more places in the head. But many people don’t know the real cause of most headaches. Headaches are usually caused by prolonged contraction of the large flat muscles in the scalp. These muscles start in the neck, go up over the top of the head, and extend over the top of the eyes as well. The muscles contract because of stress and tension, and they can cause pain in the back of the head, the front of the head, or all around the head. The pain can be very severe, or it can be a mild, dull ache.

You should also know that headaches are rarely due to eyestrain, bad eyeglasses, or sinus trouble. Extremely few are due to brain tumors or serious problems within the head.

Headaches can be brief and quickly relieved by aspirin or acetaminophen; or they can last for hours or days, with secondary symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Most people have headaches infrequently, but some have histories of repeated headaches going back for years. In these people, headaches are almost certain to be caused by stress and tension.

Everyone is subject to stress. Some people learn to remove its causes; others act nervous and anxious; still others get ulcers and stomach problems — and some people get headaches.

You should know that what are called “migraines” are a very specific type of headache that afflicts 20 percent of all people. Migraines are different from common muscle tension headaches, because they are caused by the action of blood vessels in the head. They are sometimes preceded briefly by visual blurring or another neurological symptom, which clears up completely and is followed by a one-sided headache. Sometimes, but not always, they are severe. In most cases, migraines can be reduced by maintaining a proper diet and by using aspirin or acetaminophen. Some people who have them frequently can be helped by prescription drugs.

Here’s what to do about headaches. First, remember that the vast majority are caused by tension and stress; and only very, very rarely by a serious illness. If you have occasional headaches, rest and take a non-prescription pain reliever. If you have a history of recurrent headaches and have never had them evaluated, you should see your health care provider. In addition, you might want to seek advice on ways to relieve stress and tension. You should also see your provider if you suddenly begin to have headaches repeatedly. You should definitely seek medical help if, along with a headache, you develop neurological problems like temporary loss or blurring of vision, or weakness in an arm or leg.

Most people who have headaches have worried, at times, that they might be caused by a serious problem, maybe even a brain tumor. So it helps to know that almost all headaches are really caused by stress and tension.

Please remember these key points:

  • Almost all headaches are caused by tension in muscles of the scalp, brought on by stress.
  • Migraines are a specific form of headache suffered by about 20 percent of all people.
  • Headaches due to serious medical conditions are very rare.
  • In most cases, a headache can be relieved by rest and by a pain reliever such as aspirin.
  • You should see your doctor if you have a long history of headaches that has never been evaluated, if you suddenly start getting repeated headaches, or if your headaches are associated with neurological symptoms.
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