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While there are some risk factors that we can’t change — like who our parents are or how old we are — there are many risk factors we can change.

We have the power to give ourselves the best chance for good health by the everyday choices we make in the ways we live, what we eat, and our general outlook on life.

Here are some healthy lifestyle choices that you can make:

  • eating a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads
  • drinking alcohol in moderation, or not drinking at all
  • following a regular program of aerobic exercise, such as walking for 20 minutes on most days
  • eating foods low in sugar, fat, and cholesterol
  • practicing “safe sex or no sex”
  • not smoking or using tobacco products
  • protecting your skin from the sun
  • protecting your eyes when you play sports
  • wearing a helmet when you ride a bike or motorcycle
  • wearing your seat belt even if your car has an air bag
  • paying attention to your body and knowing when it changes
  • learning about lifestyle choices that can lower the risk factors for illness

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