A Self-test For Pot Addiction

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These 12 questions can help you find out if you have an addiction problem or have marijuana addiction symptoms (pot). If you answered yes to any one of the above questions, you may have a problem with marijuana.

1. Has smoking pot stopped being fun?

2. Do you plan your life around you smoking marijuana?

3. Do you ever get high by yourself?

4. When your pot supply is almost gone, are you worried about how to get more?

5. Do you smoke pot to help you deal with you feelings?

6. Is it hard for you to think about your life without marijuana?

7. Do you find that you choose your friends based on your marijuana use?

8. Do you smoke marijuana to avoid facing your problems?

9. Has your use of marijuana caused problems with your memory, concentration, or motivation?

10. Does your marijuana use let you live in a privately defined world?

11. Have you ever not kept promises you made to yourself to cut down or control your pot smoking?

12. Have your friends or relatives ever complained that your pot smoking is causing problems with your relationship with them?

If you answered yes to any one of the above questions, you may have a problem with marijuana.

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5 Responses to “A Self-test For Pot Addiction”
  1. Mark says:

    smoking alone and disliking thinking about life without weed don’t really seem like problems to me. It’s not the most social drug at times so smoking alone comes natural. why would you want to think about a marijuanaless life if you enjoy it? thats like thinking of a pizza free life.

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  2. ILoveMarijuana says:

    I love pot faggots the only problem I got is ignorant assholes like you trying to keep me and my fellow weed smokers angry that you’re hardheaded and can’t see what weed does for you

    Go **** yourself douche bags

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  3. Tyler says:

    Wow… I’ve been thinking about that stuff and weather I have a problem, and when I stumbled upon this I could relate to the whole article very well. MY goal is to quit for a few weeks and then when I start again it will be more rewarding, because I will have no tolerance. But I’ve been finding it extremely hard to cut it off and I’ve been trying for a few weeks. But it’s really hard when I have a stash nearby.

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  4. Colton says:

    I smoke marijuana once every week-2 weeks used to smoke it everyday for about 8 months, It’s not addictive people smoke it because they enjoy being high you can easily stop, I did for about a year.

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  5. not listed says:

    that is the dumbest test ever…i could answer yes and no to different questions…that does even prove anything…stupid ignorant people…how could u ask “do u get high by ur self”if yes:YOU HAVE A PROBLEM…that is soooo dumbbbb..its like they want u 2 do it with frends..and goo crazy and act stupid..

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