The Benefits of Using Skin Moisturizers

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Many are surprised to learn that the skin as actually an organ, and it is furthermore the largest organ in our body. It is well understood that steps need to be taken in order to ensure the health of other vital organs such as the heart, however, most tend to take their skin for granted.

There are simple actions which can be taken that go a long way towards maintaining healthy and attractive skin. Foremost among them is the use of skin moisturizers. Using the appropriate skin moisturizer for your skin type is an important first step towards overall skin health.

There are two main categories of skin moisturizers. This first type of skin moisturizer is oil based. Inclusion of an oil within the moisturizer allows it to act as a barrier ensuring that water does not quickly evaporate from the skin. Many oil based skin moisturizers utilize natural oils derived from ingredients including cocoa, avocado and olives. The second category of skin moisturizers are said to be water based. These type of moisturizers tend to be less greasy, but they also are considered to be less effective at keeping the skin moist. However, those with naturally oily skin prefer water based moisturizers which do not add to their naturally high oil levels.

The benefits of using skin moisturizers transcend those just relating to aesthetic concerns. Our body breaks down the substances it ingests or comes into contact with. The result of this process includes what scientists refer to as “free radicals”. These are small components derived from larger substances which linger within our body. Some free radicals have been shown to have undesired effects when it comes to aging and skin care. One of the main benefits of using skin moisturizers is that they remove these free radicals before they can cause damage.

The skin contains millions of small capillaries and blood vessels. Research has shown that daily skin moisturizer use contributes to the strengthening of the walls of these blood vessels which in turn improves blood circulation. Dry skin can cause these capillaries to constrict which inhibits proper blood flow thus leading to a panoply of correlated adverse effects. Skin moisturizers also provide for an additional layer of defense against harmful pollutants which assault our skin on a daily basis.

In addition to these health benefits, the use of skin moisturizer is a critical component of a regimen seeking to keep us looking young and healthy. Dry skin is unattractive and makes us appear older than we actually are. Moisturizers can be long lasting preventing dryness even hours after use. Daily use of a skin moisturizer is the best defense against dryness.

Many of today’s moisturizers contain added ingredients such as vitamins or other active ingredients. This is accomplished by the use of what are called liposomes which are able to deliver these beneficial ingredients into the skin. Moisturizers also can contain sunscreens within them which guards against the significant damage which can be caused by overexposure to ultraviolet rays.

Daily use of a skin moisturizer is an inexpensive, but powerful, step towards maintaining skin health. Skin care experts recommend applying moisturizers after bathing while your skin is still somewhat damp. Incorporating this step within your morning routine is an important step for those who desire to fight the forces of aging and maintain healthy skin.

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  1. I find huge benefits from using skin moisturizers not only in the summer but also in the winter when you have the fire on my skin tends to dry out quite a bit.
    I do have to use the slightly more expensive products for oily skin, but my partner can really only use the natural products.

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